Mike Ragland was born and raised in Lindale, GA where he attended Pepperell Elementary and High Schools. After losing his mother on Mother’s day 1961, He went to work at the Pepperell Mfg in Lindale, GA. From there he went to work at JC Penny’s in Rome and then on to Dalton, GA’s Crown Cotton Mill in the summer of 1962. After graduating from Pepperell High in 1963, he joined the Navy and was assigned to the submarine, The USS Chopper (SS-342) and served from ’63 to ’67. During that time he served in the north Atlantic, Mediterranean, South America and throughout the east coast and Gulf of Mexico. When Mike rejoined civilian life, he worked briefly laying carpet and was fired the day he planned to resign to join the Rome Police Dept, where he served 40 years and retired as a Major.  As a member of the force, he served as a motorcycle officer, patrol Sgt., Shift Commander, and Captain in charge of the Detective Bureau. He also served as Juvenile Officer and as a liaison officer to Juvenile court. Later, Mike also served as Training Officer where he was charged with the task of converting a City owned building to what was to become the new Cleveland Training Center. He secured a grant during this time to build one of the nicest outdoor firing ranges in North Georgia. He served as Training Officer until 1999 when he was promoted to Major. As Major he rotated serving the three major bureaus of the Police Dept.: Operations, Administration and support services. During that time he was also the principal grant writer for the police dept, bringing in many Federal and State grants to secure police officer jobs, positions, and equipment, including the Call to Duty monument that stands in front of the Rome Police Dept. today.
Mike was married to Martha Highfield on August 23rd, 1968, and they have one daughter, Bekki Ragland Fox, and two grandchildren, Caleb and Mattie Parris.  He is an avid Crimson Tide and Nascar fan.  A much loved speaker and writer in Northwest Georgia, Mike is devoted to writing full time since his retirement from the Police Department in April, 2007. He and his wife currently live in Cave Spring, Ga where he is working on his second historical novel, “If Thine Eye Be Evil”, and a collection of his stories and articles, “I’ve Still Got Cotton in my Blood”.

5 Responses to About

  1. Ann Holsomback Eckroat says:

    Just got to your site. I have really enjoyed reading your articles. They are very good.
    The Grits I really liked. Have a shirt I wear when we go to Dale’s folks in Ca. It says Grits, “Girls Raised In The South”. His brothers and sisters really tease me alot about that shirt. But Proud of it. We did grow up with manners here, and good old Southern Hospitality. Keep up the good stories….


  2. Susan Baker says:

    Mike, just read a few of your stories on here. Loved the one about the Fighting Roosters also Mumbles and the Haint. You do a great job, just wanted to tell you that.


  3. Sue Gladney says:

    Mike,I would like to be added to your blog,Please. Thank You so much!


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