What’s going on in my Life….

after I retired back in 2007, I felt that I needed a hobby of some sort to keep me busy..I’d heard to many stories of retired folks sitting around a few years then kicked the bucket…with a disabled wife..that thing about retire and travel was not in my playbook…so what to do..the last ten years at the Police Department I wrote grants along with my other chores. I love history, and genealogy, so I started digging into those with a vengeance, and at the same time began sending in columns to Rome News Paper.

Then I thought I’d write a book…I had a lot of information on the Weaver-Johnson feud in Chattooga, Floyd, and Cherokee County Alabama…have even more now ( still want to write that story). But I ran into Bertha Gossett Hill, and fell in love with her…she became my first Book (and I must say, she’s treated me right..Id marry her if I could, but wouldn’t eat her cooking)

She was the first of five books…I have parts of three different ones in the computer now. One is an untitled piece I simply call “Marseilles” for lack of a better title. Plus Marseilles has a place in my heart. I spent a year there one week. Then there is the sequel to “A Time to Gather Stones”…but presently I’m working on my answer to Hallmark stories…watching them before Christmas I felt like I could add a twist, and make a better story…looking back, I can see a common thread running thru all three…there are witches in all of them…different varieties, but they’re there…I call the last one “The Crabapple Tree”….finally research continues on “Holy Ghost Murders”…a true crime story from the 1920’s…in the meantime my Arts and Craft Fair season is about to get underway…stop by and say Howdy

and…we still got another “Lucy” book to go…not really retired I don’t feel like

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  1. jimc12 says:

    Llike you, I’m not going to set around and set up like cement just so they can plant me. If the grim reaper wants me, first he’s going to have to find me and then he’s going to have to catch me. I don’t intend to make it easy for him.

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