Just an Orange and a few English Walnutsi

I write a lot of columns, but have avoided the Depression of the thirties..although I didn’t live through it (thankfully), my parents, and family did. I heard a lot of the stories, and most were depressing. If I do ever start, it would have to be how it affected my corner of the world, I doubt my grandparents ever heard of a stock market. If they did I’m sure they thought of a holding pen for cows.

But there are triggers that bring back memories. The other day while strolling through the fruits and vegetables of a large super market, I noticed the mountain of Oranges for sale. There were Navel and regular juice oranges, and I mean lots of them.

My mother had two sisters and two brothers. She was born in 1919 and was second oldest, so she was a young teenager early ito the depression. She often mentioned how scarce things were, especially at Christmas time. It seems their prize gift would be a Florida Orange, with a few EnglishWalnuts. They treasured their oranges, and wouldn’t dare eat them for a few days.

I can visualize those three happy girls giggling over an Orange, and how happy my grandparents were for being able to provide them.

I walked by my mountain of oranges, then turned back and bought five. There you go, one for each of you…

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