A Time to Gather Stones…my third book..

I ran into a term, and a group of people that lived way up in the Appalachian mountains…and still do..a lot of Wise County, Virginia and Hancock County Tennessee are still regarded as #Melungeon country…a dark complected people that are not African American..Tennessee enacted a law called FPC (Free persons of color) to prevent these folks from Voting or owning property..the law was in effect until the 1980’s…I would encourage you to read about the Melungeon people…

When older members were asked where they came from, there answer was ‘Portaghee’…(Portuguese)…and DNA shows a lot of Eastern Europe, and around the Mediterranean blood lines..coupled with Sephardic Jews…which were Spanish Jews fleeing the Inquisition from Ferdinand and Isabella…many fled to the new world…and from Florida colonies, they disappeared into the mountains…

Our history teaches, black, white, and Indian…there is so much more..even the name of our mountains..Appalachian..is French..there were Jewish Colonies in Northeast Georgia, and in the Nantaheyla..(sp)..then came the Scots-Irish down the Shenandoah and intermingled with the Melungeon….many folks say..my great grandma was a Cherokee….maybe…and maybe she was a Melungeon…both are acceptable now..in fact once taboo for either..it’s downright upright..

I use the Melungeon race extensively in “A Time to Gather Stones”…a fictional story…with a lot, a lot of history…don’t be afraid to learn something…

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