The Crab Apple Tree Introduction

I’ve got several WIP’s ( Works in Progress)..right now I’m engrossed in this one…Before Christmas I watched every Hallmark show that came on..some several times…and if you’ve watched them..then you know they’re just alike…so I thought I could write one with a different twist, minus the love interest, and it still be a Hallmark type Story…so I’m working on it…my main Character (Amelia McCafferty) was left at a Catholic School in a basket one cold night in Baltimore..she was an incorrigible child transferred from foster home to foster home…she is very smart..gets a scholarship to Univ. Of Maryland..graduates,and goes thru OCS an gets a commission in the Army..on her 2nd tour her vehicle hits an IED…left foot and right leg below the knee are blown away…right arm is shredded, but still works some…after several years in military Hospitals she leaves with nowhere to go, no family, and only a couple friends…she has read everything she can about the Appalachian Trail…she takes a bus to Harpers Ferry and heads south on the trail…she is Suicidal…but things happen……..

I’ll give you another installment later…..

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2 Responses to The Crab Apple Tree Introduction

  1. Nell Litton says:

    I like the sound of this one. I know I would purchase it.


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